Monday, December 10, 2012

New gear

It is hard not to get caught up in the gram counting, whether it be through the suspect manufacturer's weight ratings compared on , or the even more obsessive compulsive postage scale weighing and confirmation of every component.

My Elan Everest setup is LIGHT. 800gram skis, 175 gram bindings, and the 1100gram versatile TLT 5 boot. But I'm spending all of this time and money training for Europe, might as well splurge on some lighter gear with the side effect of having a backup setup for when something breaks.
New Dynafit Low-techs. Beautiful machining and elegant design

New Dynafit DyNA world cup skis. The design seems to have changed incrementally over the past couple of years.  Fatter up front (a la Trab) than the Elans, as well as being lighter, I'm just itching to get these out to see how they perform.

Dynafit PDG boots. The 2nd tier race boot from Dynafit, only 100g heavier than the DyNA, which is double the price.  Significantly lighter than my current all round touring boot, the TLT5. 
So overall, I'm estimating about 400gram weight savings per foot.

A big thank-you to Jeff Colvin for organizing the group buy, and to Dynafit for giving us Canucks such a great deal. I can hardly wait to get this setup mounted and to run up some hills.

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