Saturday, December 8, 2012

Switching Gears

The Pass is now closed, and with it goes road access to 2200m. It was a great early season but now I must look for other places to ski. I tried to make the most of the last week of it being open, well at least until the winds had taken their toll.

Squeezing the last bit of radness into the day...and the season.

And just like that, the gate went down. After the Vert180, The Canadian Skimountaineering Team had their training camp planned at the Asulkan Cabin near Rogers Pass. Setting out with big, heavy packs (okay, maybe that was just mine), we made our way up to the treeline where the cabin was situated.

It was fun to catch up with the other team members: Stano, Brad, Carla, Steve, and Reiner. The wind howled hard during the nights, and it snowed the whole time, forcing us to skiing powder laps in the tree triangle below the hut. Hard life. I set my all time vertical record on the second day, then broke it again on the third day. We lapped the hell out of the slope, but it kept getting refilled. I had my birthday up there, and even brought up a flask of Royal Reserve to commemorate the occassion.

We skied out on the 4th day, after enjoying a couple of laps of the most volatile blower powder yet that week with snow regularly hitting the face(still not as deep as Field last year :P ). Amazing couple of days with good people, good food, and good times. I really enjoyed the cozy cabin. Thanks to the ACC for hooking us up with the cabin, and to Dynafit got hooking us up with inexpensive, light gear!

Manaslu Performance team. Light but stiff boots (TLT5's) and light but wide skis (Manaslus) were the key to maximum powder enjoyment.

"Why do they call it a Sidekick? They should call it a front kick"

Birthday...pudding. The cake is a lie.
"I guess I'm not in Kananaskis anymore".

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