Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Line of the Week: Main Chephren Couloir

I don't often make the drive out past Bow Summit, but when I do, I am rewarded with what I believe is the most scenic section of highway around. Mount Patterson, Howse Peak, and Mt. Chephren tower above the road and their large walls are conquered by legendary climbing routes.

More of interest to skiers, Patterson and Chephren are riddled with couloirs of various lengths close to the road.

Climbing routes on Chephren are notorious for their loose rock and the couloir is no exception. Be on the lookout for bowling balls coming down the alley as the sun warms south east facing rocks above the walls of the couloir. Start early, and avoid completely on a warm day!

Total Elevation Gain: 820m
Line Length: 500m
Top Elevation: 2500m
Round Trip Distance: 3.5km

Selfie, with the base of the couloir in the background

Other options in the area: Should there be a party already climbing up the main Chephren Couloir, there are lots of other options:
-other Chephren couloir starting off the glacier just north of the main Chephren Couloir. The Kumbaya Couloir?
-Various couloirs off the north ridge of Mt. Patterson
-The diagonal couloir off Angel Peak, an eastern oultier of Mt. Patterson. This one has lots of overhead hazard, so be careful on a warm day or just after a storm.
-Various routes from Chic Scott's guidebook: Mistaya Traverse, Bow Summit Area, Peyto Glacier, etc...

Hillmap Route

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Icefields Parkway

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