Friday, August 26, 2011


Postponed from early July due to the monsoon, weather was the complete opposite for the rescheduled Perogy XC. Sunny and 31C. HOT

Course: Tight, windy, and some killer steep climbs. Good conditions, so nothing was super sketchy, maybe a loose corner or two, and some tight trees.

Technique: It was apparent that I did not have this course as dialed as I would hope. I would lose a huge chunk of time on the tight turns of the first part of the lap, then gain time on the steep climbs.

Engine: Pretty good today in the heat, drank well and didn't cramp. I was climbing well. I had to sit down after the race as the heat was just too much. Couldn't hang with the Blender when he blew by me on the steep climb on the final lap to take the final podium spot.

TSN Turning Point: Well, Blender riding by me on the hill on the last lap prevented me from getting a podium, but I lost too much time in the cornering sections and in the feed zone!

Anyways, work is over and I have a biking road trip planned with Bill, and I am super pumped for it. It all kicks off for me in Hinton this weekend with some awesome races. Long climbs + fun descents = FUN!

Which reminds me of an interesting discussion from Facebook. There are currently 35 people signed up for the Muck Yeah! Race on what looks to be an unreal course!


Yet there are organizers who can charge $100 more for arguably lesser courses and have their event sell out? $150 races don't bring kids into the sport. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GRASSROOTS RACE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is an eternal struggle...

...between good

...and evil

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swift, Silent...zesty

Another weekend off racing (though apparently I missed out on a race). But filled with more riding in Canmore on the Marin Attack Trail. I've been getting a little zesty on that bike, hopefully I can adapt back to my race bike in time for my next race! A busy weekend of activities with some climbing thrown in there as well. A solid crash and lead fall in there for good measure...

Fun natural wall ride

Bill showed me how to ride the slab. I did eventually sack up and hit it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My new toy, secret training redefined

The face of secret training just changed.

I got a Garmin Edge 500 to replace my cracked PowerTap display, my shitty, old, unreliable POLAR heart rate monitor (if you want me to stop dissing your product, free product/money will shut me up!), and to give me altitude/GPS tracing capabilities in the winter for skiing.

Note: My PowerTap heart rate strap from my Powertap Pro+ (ANT+) works. Garmin customer service said it wouldn't. Pretty pathetic considereing that Dynastream (developers of ANT+ and spin off from UofA) is a sub of Garmin. So Garmin succeeded in selling me a heart rate strap and a speed/cadence sensor I do not care for....

I would like to keep my secret training secret, so I have elected to not share my workouts, except if I go on an awesome ride/ski.

I have had the best time making awesome maps and profiles, and it is a super easy way to log my training.
I was just riding along (JRA) and all of a sudden, my shoes turned into the women's model
It has been raining lots in Edmonton this summer. I wasn't too pumped for this double rainbow