Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fall term break

I was able to escape the wrath of group projects for another weekend and loaded up the vehicular and headed to Canmore
So much room for activities!

Yes, I was equipped for some biking, skating, XC skiing, and ski touring. Thursday, I rode to Banff through a massive headwind, but when I got to the Vermillion Lakes, it was clear that skating would not be an option.

Friday, I did some more ski touring, good to get out again. A bit of windslab, but I was able to slay it good.

Saturday, headed to the Moraine Lake road for some XC skiing. A lot of people who I knew were there, pretty cool! Also got passed like I was standing still by some national team skiers doing intervals, and a 1 armed skier! But I kept rolling (er sliding) like a hero, aka the Fred of skiing. More skiing on Sunday with some DEEP trailbreaking and baseless snow that was too deep to turn in (harsh life, I know...)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

First turns of the season

School eased up a bit this weekend, but even with neither Steve, MT, or Bill able to go, there was no way that I was going to miss out on what looked to be good conditions. I fired off an email to the UofA Outdoors Club mailing list asking for partners. Pretty much every reply was from an international student, I guess they see people with cars as chumps willing to take them out of town for the weekend... Anyways, I managed to sift through all the replies and found some genuinely interested people, and headed down to Canmore on Friday night.

What you get when you combine a Norwegian chick, a park rat, and a British dude for a weekend

I was the only one without any real gear issues, but we cranked out a bunch of laps, and by my estimation, about 1000m vert, which is pretty good! Conditions were awesome, some of my funnest ski touring turns yet!

I'm pretty pumped it worked out well, definitely will consider using the mailing list for filling space in my car in the future.

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