Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fall term break

I was able to escape the wrath of group projects for another weekend and loaded up the vehicular and headed to Canmore
So much room for activities!

Yes, I was equipped for some biking, skating, XC skiing, and ski touring. Thursday, I rode to Banff through a massive headwind, but when I got to the Vermillion Lakes, it was clear that skating would not be an option.

Friday, I did some more ski touring, good to get out again. A bit of windslab, but I was able to slay it good.

Saturday, headed to the Moraine Lake road for some XC skiing. A lot of people who I knew were there, pretty cool! Also got passed like I was standing still by some national team skiers doing intervals, and a 1 armed skier! But I kept rolling (er sliding) like a hero, aka the Fred of skiing. More skiing on Sunday with some DEEP trailbreaking and baseless snow that was too deep to turn in (harsh life, I know...)

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