Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November continues to give.

When it's good, you got to get out, lest you succumb to the FOMO (fear of missing out). Morning missions before manning the SkimoCanada table at the MEC Snowfest were not out of question.

Mountains to the south coated with a slightly less thick layer of snow

Neatural halfpipe
Then the skies opened up. Kananaskis Country Public Safety was predicting huge snowfalls that really did not show up on other forecasts (Snow-forecast, Environment Canada, The Weather Network). Even leaving town at noon left me with 1 driving lane and unplowed parking lots. Barely salvaged that day.

After a busy weekend at work due to some Black Friday thingamajig, I finally got to rekindly my love with this zone.
Oh sharp pointy thing on top of a mountain, how I hope to get a closer look at you!


Steve laying down some turns.
Gate closes Friday night. Gotta get out there, while trying to not ruin my legs for the Vert180 on Saturday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

and it still is!

Although the wind is starting to wreak havoc on ski quality and stability, we have still managed to get out and up high before what I'm sure will be a couple of months of being confined to the trees.

Steep bootpacks are good intervals right?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally, fall doesn't suck!

After my last update, the rain, the snow and the falling temperatures had me down. The weather stabilized, and it was time to go skiing.

But that didn't mean that I had to stop riding!

Leaves + snow = controlled 2 wheel drifting!
And more skiing!
Thanks Martin!

And Ryan, and Matt

And Ian, and Harley
But due to the wonders of elevation,

And BOOM. Life is sick. Skiing powder up high, riding dry trails down low. Is November the new May?

And now, introducing a series of stoke that I hope to be putting together this year. Documenting not only my journey to World Championships, but life in Canmore.