Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vert 180 or Hurt 180?

3rd year for this wonderful event that brings the ski mountaineering competition to the masses. There was a great turnout of people ready to challenge themselves to see how fast they could go, or how much they could climb. I had a great time being encouraged/encouranging skiers as I passed them/they passed me.

Without the bootpack section, the race was a straight up drag race then a straightline descent

With the great early season that we have been having out here, I have been able to get out a lot and even get up high with some bootpacking thrown in there. I was feeling strong, and while I think that my change-overs needed a little bit of work, I was happy with my performance, finishing 4th overall. Every year, this race seems less difficult, maybe I am pacing better, though I went really hard on lap 1. 2nd place slipped out of my grasp, so I have something to work on.

Marg was out there moving fast.  MT teamed up with Ryan sending some fast lap times, and MT pushing himself, feeling good the whole time.

A big shout out to the organizers and the sponsors for doing such a good job to help expand the reach of the sport!

and I uploaded my activity to STRAVA cycling, and created a couple of segments:

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