Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why I don't want to go HELL-icopter skiing

Some of the original readers of this blog may remember that I made this video:

to enter CMH/Arc'Teryx's "What Inspires you to Ski Tour" contest. I wanted to go ski touring with the legend himself, Greg Hill, and getting lots of Arc'Teryx gear would have been sweet.

When I didn't win, I was a little disappointed and wrote this.

Well that trip is happening as I write this. Another fan of Greg Hill actually decided to pay out of his pocket to join Greg on this trip. And unlike Greg, who has sponsorship obligations, this fellow can complain all he wants about the trip because he paid for it! His website is here.

Sounds like this trip so far has been just low angle tracked out glaciers, and the guides scold you if you climb too fast as none of the other clients have ever stepped foot on a skintrack and they don't even know who Greg Hill is!! WOW. Doesn't sound like much fun for any self respecting skier! This sounds nothing like the latest TGR or MSP movie!

Heliskiing can cost around $1000/day, and even helicopter assisted ski touring rings in at $500/day. To me, unless someone else is footing the bill, that is just a big waste of money. There are too many variables that can turn your "dream" vacation into a colossal waste of money: snowpack, fresh snow, other group members, etc... Why would you pay the megabucks to ski low angle glaciers if the snowpack sucks, ski over other people's tracks if there is no fresh snow, or spend all day waiting for a rich millionaire who has never skied before?

Cat skiing is a slightly cheaper alternative, but at around $300/day, it is still pricy, although the skiing is usually a little better.

Still a lot of money to be spending on one mediocre day of skiing. Why not buy some gear (lighter/fatter/stronger/stiffer/etc...), or go on a skiing road trip with a couple of friends?

In retrospect, I am glad I didn't win. I got to spend a weekend with some good friends, get some good turns and push myself to the limit in a Ski mo race. Heck CMH probably chose a gaper to win the contest because the majority of other clients would be gapers!

So this is why I will never pay to go heli-skiing. Let the rich tourist gapers "enjoy" that. Just keep on selling those CMH Volkl Explosivs.

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