Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post exam week

Finished up 3rd year engineering,

2 races on the weekend, both weren't great, the legs are probably in need of some rest.

Then off to Canmore for some relaxation. Plenty of jobs here in the various shops, but are they "engineering related"?

Weather and Bill's work schedule (but not my training schedule...) cooperated as we were able ski powder in a top secret location where the skin tracks are already broken in, there is a warming hut at the top, and the powder is bottomless:

hammerred out about 1600m. Plenty of tip diving on my short 177cm Volkl Mantra (Too light for the 184 said Kevin from Out of Bounds, the worst ski shop in Edmonton, which is full of a bunch of mediocre shops)! Trying to think of the perfect all around touring ski, and they were right under my in my garage (Salomon AK Rocket).

Also found out that I am getting a free trip to Norway at the end of October to go launch rockets. Life is good, if only I had a job...

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