Sunday, February 28, 2010

Losing is tough

Thanks to all of you for viewing and laughing with (or at) my entry to the contest: "What inspires me to ski tour" by CMH and Arc'Teryx.

With so many awesome entries in the contest, winning was never guaranteed, but I was a little disappointed today when I found out the contest results. So as not to come across as a sore loser, I would concede that there were many better videos than mine that were made by true rippers; people who had wonderful videos of getting up high into the alpine on glaciers, or doing "dawn patrol" in the morning before work.

However, let me ask you this: How are you inspired to ski tour if you do not ACTUALLY ski tour? Ski touring does require a significant investment in equipment (ski gear, avalanche gear, survival gear, and a backpack to carry it all), and education (avalanche course), but this can all be acquired for cheap from consignment, gear swaps, or the internet. And unless you are barely scraping by, the total cost is not that significant. The short form of this is that if you can find a friend to join you, the sport is very accessible.

I would agree...totally different story if we were talking about some boy in central Africa who really wanted to shred some self powered pow, but had absolutely no means to. But I think for the average person, this sport is pretty accessible.

I'm going to go back to crawling under my rock and crying... I'll blame myself for thinking that a heli-skiing company actually cares about a bunch of dirtbag ski tourers who would never spend $1000/day to go ski low angled glaciers, when their ideal clientele is the clueless gaper who doesn't know any better.

EDIT: Apparently, I am not the only one who is a little disappointed with the selection (ha I'm not going to comment on that one): the contest is just getting roasted in the comments!

Both of the finalists the judging panel picked (grand prize winner and runner up) were submitted by people who seem to "make a living" out of entering video contests. This was just another one of those contests, and unfortunately a bunch of real ski tourers who would give their left nut to ski with Greg Hill lost out...

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