Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teams race

I paired up with steve sellers and were ready to giver on the cold morning. We had an excellent start and i was able to settle in comfortably around the top womens teams but i would look back and see steves face covered in a mask of pain. So we slowed the pace a little watching some teams ski away from us and then i put him on a tow line during the second climb. At that point the fast us womens team had skied by and we were battling with the greeks the belgians and the brits. We suffered up the next two climbs with me towing for a good portion of that. At the last little climb we looked back to see our womens team of martha and karla hot on our heels. The women got to miss the last bootpack but they were putting the pressure on! We shouted some encouragement before setting off on the fast downhill and the skate to the finish. I left it out there and it was good to hear about some great north american results. Full results are on the ismf website. Im hoping for a little redemption in the sprint today.

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