Saturday, February 16, 2013

More pelvoux mini reports

Okay sorry for being a little late.

Sprint race: it snowed about a foot overnight so i enjoyed some pow on my warmup laps but would end up skiing the ice through the gates during my race run. Top 30 qualify for the 6 person heats and i knew that would be tough. I went hard and had a clean run and finished 39th and i am pumped about that. We did a bit of skiing on the big skis in the afternoon.

Individual race: with a day off racing we still went up to check out the individual course. The first climbs are long but we didnt want to waste too much energy skiing too much of the course. There was some great snow on the descent.

On to race day. The cadence of the top euros is fast but definitely manageable with training. For me the start wasnt too crazy and i was able to settle in with no gear issues and racing hard while staying hydrated in the warm conditions. I was amazed at how hard and for how long i could push and i think i had the best race of my life. Finished 42 and enjoyed some great battles. Not too far off the top north americans so i am pumped for the rest of the races this season.

Spectating the vertical race: each team member sat out one race and it was my turn. Judging by the sufferfaces at the top i think i made the right choice. After we skied up the valley and sent a couple of mini couloirs.

Relay: got the a team out for the relay and unfortunately that meant that steve sat out another. 2 climbs it was like trying to do 2 sprint races back to back so the goal was not to explode on the last climb. The descents were chundery and it was fun to send it on my lap. Finished 9th but 7th was within reach.

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