Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hardcore XC race, and more spring awesomeness

Congrats to Dave Roberts and wife Bridget Linder for putting on an awesome race.

I had a great race, I would say one of my best elite races yet. I took it easy off the start but was feeling good for the whole race and slowly picked off riders, eventually finishing 9th.

Back in Canmore, I proceeded to continue shredding my legs apart, first by doing a Tuesday MTB race (the only Tuesday MTB race this year?)  and the "Hammer Ride" on Thursday, which is definitely the hardest groupride I have ever been on and my legs were toast for a couple of days.

Things were looking up on the weekend, so back to the skis on Saturday. A lifted road closure opened up a new objective, so we set off at some ungodly hour in the morning to ski a beautiful SE face.

Some people were going to ski that face of Temple. Nice line!
After that, we determined that it hadn't warmed up too much, and we went for a line on the backside of the peak. Craig was suffering, but I soldiered on to the top of the line. We were both wrecked on the way back around to the col, but a nice easy ski down to the lake capped off this wonderful tour.
Lefroy was dumping snow all day. 
Okay, who pissed off the mountain?

Spent the day in Windows desktop background land.

We finished off the day with some fun biking and climbing, which was in retrospect a little silly as we should have been resting up for Sunday.

but alas, we pushed too hard on Saturday and were too tired to giv'er again early on Sunday. Still got some fun objectives in mind to cap off the season, just need some partners!

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