Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Finally finished school, the final marks have been pouring in, and I don’t feel like such a poser for wearing this:

Spring is finally here and that of course means that my focus shifts to bike racing season:

not that 1000m vertical bootpacks do not give me a good workout:

Bill's skiing style is unreal. Confident, fluid, and beautiful.

Only the 2nd peak I have ever bagged while skiing. Craig put our names in the register

Good freezes in the valley bottoms make a perfect canvas for skate skiing

I have moved down to Canmore for the summer and possibly the winter, probably working part time. That said, I have been cruising Placepro and applying for jobs in “neat” areas of BC, looking for the right to act like one of those self entitled transplants.

Next weekend, I am off to Bow Hut for a glacier travel course that should also offer some great ski mountaineering. I am pumped.

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