Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear future me...

Spring in the rockies is WORTH THE WAIT. Since the Ken Jones Classic, we have been able to get up high into beautiful terrain. I just have to remind myself in the future that yes, there will be a time where I can get up into that terrain that I dream about.

Ian almost at the top of Lyautey

Mt. Lyautey. skied a gully right from the summit!

Twin couloirs on the centre-left of the picture were our initial objective, but we didn't like the snow. We ended up climbing a gully further to the right which led us to the true summit.

Still winter up high, but unfortunately travel through the trees is getting more complicated. Approaches are getting longer and tougher, requiring stronger partners to keep the stoke flowing. I'm off to Edmonton to help    run the Hardcore race this weekend. I've still got some "low hanging fruit" ski objectives in mind, but also would be game for some longer tours with the right partners.

I've been using my race skis from last year, the 160cm Atomic TM:11. Funny looks turn into envy and curiosity by the end of the day as my partners realize that the skis don't ski that badly, and they are a lot more pleasant as you tick up to 1800m of climbing or 12hrs of skiing.

The biking in Canmore is starting to come into shape. I think all but the upper CNC is dry.

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