Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some thoughts

I'm no climate scientist and I don't have a great grasp of the data supporting global warming but...

Infrared temperature measurement systems are known to be thrown off by greenhouse gases (H20, CO2), as the gases absorb energy.

Current standards for building ventilation take into account rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations in calculations for required ventilation rates.

Anyways, I find that people (usually those who benefit from production of fossil fuels) are skeptical of global warming theories, but they neglect to think of the dangers of SOx's and NOx's emitted to the atmosphere with the burning of fossil fuels.
Look at all of those DNF's. Clearly the poor air quality had a negative effect on performance. I even remember reading a story about Todd Wells having to take a s*** in the middle of the race! Remember a couple of years ago when smoke from forest fires was so thick you could barely see through it? My airways were pretty irritated after only 2 days of exposure, and I got very sick.

I've heard we still have another 50 or so years of oil dependence, but I don't see why everyone gets so butthurt when asked to reduce consumption.

More efficient = less consumption + less harmful byproducts.

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