Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Race Calendar

After the Whitefish Whiteout, I have been super pumped to train hard for the upcoming races. Here is my proposed calendar for 2012, I will update it with results and events as they are posted.

Whitefish Whiteout, January 21 - 5th @ 82% , (3rd @ 86% on the first climb)
Dogtooth Dash, February 11-12th - 5th @ 77% (Reiner really kicked our asses that day)
ROAM Randonee Rally, February 25th - 3rd @97% (deep snow kept the pack from blowing apart)
Ken Jones Classic, March 24th - 4th @84% (probably my best race yet)

Pretty short SMCC calendar this year, next year if I am living in the mountains I definitely want to help put another date on there, and to assist in organizing, course marking, for some other events.

ABA calendar:
Hardcore XC, May 19th 9th @92%
Kananaskiker, June 2-3rd XC: 9th @82%, XCTT: 6th @88%, HC: 3rd @89%
Iron Maiden, June 9 DNF (worn out brake pads)

Get Rev El Stoked, July 8th. 4th @93%

Kicking Horuse Cup Hill Climb and Road Circuit race, July 28-29, HC 2nd @98%, RR 4th

Kicking Horse Cup Dark Horse, August 4, 1st!!!!
Kootenay Krusher, August 18, 9th @82%
Hinton XC Provincials/Muck Yeah, August 25-26th (awesome course!) 4th @94%/5th @90%

Kicking Horse Cup CX Races. September 1 and 2. 1st and 1st!!!
Kettle Cross Enduro CX. September 9 6th @93%
Martha Creek Meltdown EN. September 15. 1st on the climb, 69% overall on the DH, 1st overall
Various CX races, maybe even a Kaslo Sufferfest?

I would still like to fit in a trip out west before the snow flies!

Goals: Faster than last year, have fun!

As you can see, I am not racing any of those stage races (aka Trans Rockies, TR3, TR4, Rundle's Revenge, Furious 3) as $100+/day races don't bring people into the sport, and they are not worth supporting. They only exist for crusty masters racers.

I'll be based out of Canmore, so it should be awesome. I'll be making a trip to the coast at some point during the summer as well.

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