Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Returning to the scene of the crime

Still sore throughout last week, but slowly feeling better, I decided to get back out skiing, and attempt to search for my missing ski.
Medicine that works

Directing the Subaru owner to the goods. Gtay's first day out touring, he was a good sport helping me look for the ski.

A view from the top of the slope that I triggered. About 20-30cms of new snow had fallen since the incident. The picture really doesn't do justice to the steepness of the slope, and the slope also appeared to have a nice convex roll to it. At that point, I realized that I never really got a good look at the slope because I came in from the skier's right side. The continued steepness of the slope and the density of the trees downslope increased the consequences. I was very fortunate. Even with a significant portion of the unstable snow removed from this slope, I was still weary of heading down, as I did not want to risk triggering another pocket and going for a similar ride. We tried to approach the slope from the bottom, but the terrain was too steep or the trees were too thick. A search will have to wait until the spring melt freeze, or the summer or possibly on belay?

Moral of the story is to know and evaluate every terrain feature you encounter.

I also happened to forget my poles that day, luckily I didn't forget my snowsaw! I might also be onto something with the curved pole tips! Snow was pretty good otherwise, though sloughing fast, something to watch out for in the next while for sure.

Sunday was fun with a huge group of some cycling buddies skiing some more great snow

 And breaking some gear.

Still lonely :(

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