Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend fail + Guiness World Record

I WAS there

Skipping class to analyze lift coefficient of backwards spinning spherical objects, the biomechanics of throwing, and ventilation techniques for  buildings containing 5000+ people, each expelling an average of 5ml of CO2/s.
Being 6'2" is quite the perk as I was able to see over everyone (the camera is raised a little above my head)

Some dude climbed up the wall on self belay to get one of the better views in the house of ~5000 people playing dodgeball

Another highlight was being packed in tight with the kind of girls you just don't get in mechanical engineering...

The sleeves of my T-shirt were instantly ripped off to make a buff, wristband, and of course a wifebeater.

Everyone got to enjoy their short bit of fame and pretty much unlimited dodgeballs

Saturday went touring with Graeme, who is fairly keen. Did some exploring and got some decent turns but we had to leave early. Home at the optimum time for beers on the deck.

Sunday, I was kindof stranded in Canmore without a car (okay more like not wanting to pay $80 to ski ice moguls). I decided to go up Mt. Lady MacDonald. Started from my house on bike, then climbed up the icy trail until I lost it a little bit before the teahouse. The descent was interesting. I was feeling fit though, so that is good! 

Riding through Canmore on a bike with ski poles rigged to it, and wearing my ridiculously stylish eyewear, I was getting some funny looks. But I wear spandex suits in the capital of oil country; I clearly could not be giving less of a f***.

So what is with the fail? Well first of all, I got sick. Secondly, I forgot that my friends from the UofA outdoor club were at Castle Mountain Hostel for the weekend, and when I got home on Sunday night, I was very jealous of their pictures. Just the way she goes sometimes...

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