Sunday, June 12, 2011

Which way to the sufferfest?

And now a return to my ISO (or DIN, CSA, ANSI?) standard race report format. Another weekend of racing myself into shape (aka I skied too much in spring). A stage race with a longer XC race, a dirt criterium XC time trial, and a hill climb time trial; the Kananaskiker, organized by Cafe Racers.

Course: XC: Because of the slightly different race format, there were less restrictions on the course, and I think that the course was awesome. The course seemed like the Bill Knight Super Loop, i.e. what you get when you combine all of the best trails at the CNC. I really suffered on a long slog of a climb (FYI) after the feed zone

Engine: I was riding the course and feeling pretty strong, except on FYI, and I really suffered there, but I was "only" 21mins back of Roddi at the end, and the time gaps weren't as big as I thought. Everybody suffered. Deep field too, lots of stronger riders. Hopefully this will make me stronger.

Technique: My descending was OK, and again, just not enough power on FYI.

TSN Turning Point: FYI.

XC TT was a (shorter) version of one of the 3 laps we did yesterday, many didn't realize that the course was shortened a bit until the crutial junction came up, some missed that. Hill Climb TT was up the extremely dusty Spray Lakes road. The legs were not recovered very well (but I'm sure everyone else had sore legs), and I put in a solid effort in both stages...and finished about where I finished the day before. 9th, 8th, and 8th.

Ok, so I did do a little bit of climbing. The crag dog

Let's just say it was pretty obvious that these guys don't host races very often. Courses were sick though!

The intention was clearly there to make an awesome race: Long XC stage race, awesome course, and a start from the town, I didn't miss a turn or a start or a feed, so I can't really complain.

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