Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Attempt at some June turns

A few turns were made and some valuable reconnaissance performed to salvage an otherwise overly ambitious adventure in what were sub-optimal conditions. However, the trip was planned so that the chute could be pulled at any time.

Ambitious: A bunch of firsts for everyone

Conditions: Super late bed time, car sleep, forgotten gear, stove not working, HEAVY wet snow, fresh grizzly tracks.

Conclusion: recon of an area we rarely ski, skiing in June, fun training, some lessons learned

Lessons learned: Test gear, have a plan B, make sure everybody is motivated, wait a couple of clear sunny days and nights before getting after it!

Heavy, wet snow, lots of sluffing from the rocks, but nice to be out there!

Anyways, I rode the new legacy trail to Banff in the rain to watch the Banff Bike Fest criteriums! Always entertaining to watch how the race unfolds.

Sunday, we hit up a father's day car show in the park. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of cars, especially American cars, but there were definitely some cool ones there. An F550 with 4' tires, a couple of Ferraris, and a dude who looked just like my dad...only with a massive mullet.

Then we did some laps of the agility-parcours at the CNC. Working those fast twitch fibers!

Agility Parkour from Sebastian Pachmayr on Vimeo.

Then some evening climbing to round out the weekend

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