Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Five Ring Circus

Olympics are on and any spare time has been consumed by watching the Olympics.

Here are some of the highlights of my viewing:

- Group consensus was that hanging around the Olympic village would arguably be the highlight of anyone's life.

-Someone got a coreshot while training the moguls.

-Laughing out loud the first time we saw Johnny Wier. Time for figure skaters to wear "uniforms"

-While watching half pipe snowboarders sideslip down the start ramp, I was thinking that they should replace that start ramp with a snow filled couloir. They could be judged on how well the fresh snow is removed from the couloir!

-Lovin' the mixing pot of commentators and giving them a good heckle. Stoked to see Pierre McGuire between the benches; Jamie "Blue Jays" Campbell adding in his remarks at Cypress; Nick Kypreos with the rest of the TSN hockey panel, Dutchy at the desk; the TSN curling team including Vic Rauter; James Cybulski providing some updates from track level; Jen Hedger giving us the scoop from the Whistler village; Gene Principe and his puns; and even a little RJ Broadhead at WOP in there as well. The reunion of Peter Lombardias and Ray Ferraro is sure to be everyone's favourite memory of the less popular hockey games! Brian Williams taking his usual seat at the desk; it just wouldn't be the Olympics without him. Just missing some Jason Portuando, and Jamie Thomas with the intermission interviews to round things out! Shoutout to Yanks Al Michaels and Al Trautwig as well for increasing the epic factor!

-Getting super pumped up with every goal, victory, and medal win. Go Canada! Funding the athletes is cheap national pride if you ask me...

Now a couple my thoughts:

Extreme sports:

North Americans get so jacked up over snowboarding at the Olympics, and motor sports. But how come sliding sports, ski jumping, and alpine skiing have little popularity outside of Europe, while they are arguably more "extreme" (faster speeds, higher risks, etc...)? It is probably because they are wearing lycra, and the morbidly obese Americans are so jealous of their superior athleticism and the years of training that go into success. Funny how sports like Skier cross or DH mountain bike have to ban skinsuits to "promote" the right image! North Americans are so lame...

Halfpipe Snowboarding:

Why are Canadians so shitty in the pipe? We have mountains, snow, and halfpipes don't we? I don't think it has to do with government funding as just south of the border Sean White is raking in millions; probably all through sponsorships.


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