Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading Week Part 2:

Act 3: Kicking Horse

After a very lazy rest day, except for Bill and Max who were throwing backflips off kickers, we headed down the road to Golden, British Columbia.

There was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was described as being "Bluebird as f***", and we enjoyed views of the mountains on the way, many of them offering excellent ski touring descents.

KHMR had gotten little snow since Family day long weekend where it was probably invaded by the "red tide" from Calgary. But unlike Sunshine, KHMR has the terrain to keep us rippers occupied during the drought. Off the ganjola, dropped into Tunnel Vision, checking that off my list. Warmup runs are for the weak. The next run, hit up a top secret, newly opened area, known only by a plastic sign at the top. Having only seen the area briefly before from afar, we were just looking for a clean line to the bottom. However, we emerged on a zone riddled with spines, couloirs, drops and pillows inside some loosely spaced trees. We all made our way down slowly, unsure of what was around the next turn or below us. After cleaning out any fecal material that may have come out as a result of scaring ourselves entering this gnarly zone, we made our way down for another lap, having one of our most memorable groomed runs ever. Day continued, checking another line off the list, and just having an all around good time. Max even got an opportunity to whip out his Norwegian. Hung around watching Olympics on TV while the boys picked up pizza and beer from a cashier that Max described as "googly-eyed".

Even got to check off Euphoria after receiving a tip from a local during the X-mass break. Man do we love moguls!

Headed down into town to the Kicking Horse Gear Swap as has become tradition this year. The name is a bit misleading as they do carry tonnes of new product including 2011 Rossignol S7's. Seriously this place puts all of the pathetic ski shops in Edmonton to shame for one looking to load up on a setup for cheap, but that is best left for another rant. Seriously, if you asked Kevin from Out of Bounds if he would blow out 5 pairs of "new in wrapper" 189 Rossignol Squad 104's for $250 each, he would look at you funny, and then try to argue with you that such a deal does not exist.

But the madness was yet to ensue. Headed into the local grocery store to pick up some baby carrots for the ride home, and what do you know: free V-day chocolate. You can probably guess where that went, but I think it included being chased out by the manager, and Max getting called out for trying to take a flat of Kinder Surprise.

"Oh shit, I think I forgot the ice"

Also saw an old Volvo running on vegetable oil, and that really drives home how much better of a province British Columbia is. Sure taxes are higher, the beer is pricier, but what it really comes down to is a better quality of life. Anywhere in BC, you have awesome mountain biking and are at most a car/sled/skins away from blower pow.

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