Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A quick escape from reality

Last weekend, took a much needed break from life and headed to Canmore. MT and Bill were more than willing to join me.

Left nice and early on Friday, so plenty of time for some fun in Canmore, not limited to extreme brake bending:

...and Wikipedia editing

and a quiver pic:

"yes, I need all of those skis"

Next day, no rush as we weren't waking up to waist deep blower, rolled out to Sunshine (SSV, Scumshine) to spin some Dive laps. Got in 3 good laps, including mountaineering our way into the Galaxies, and having some fun in lower Starbucks, which I do not get to ski often enough in the rush for the stashes. Met a cool Brit who tagged along for the last 2, who just happened to have a sick setup (Rossi S7 w/ FKS 14 if you speak skis). When we weren't in the Dive, we were watching newbies sliding on their butts down Headwall. They really need some new snow, even Bre-X was closed!

The next day was something like 2.5 years in the making. I finally went skiing with the elusive Mat D.

"what sounds like a lightsaber?"

Mat brought along the speedy Dustin A. and we proceeded to put 10 new sets of tracks on the slope.

"I let Dustin go ahead because I didn't want this powder to go unphotographed"

Mat was charging hard, and found some sustained pitches where he didn't have to cross tracks on both runs, but later stated "The snow was too variable". I guess it isn't the neck deep blower they have at Blanket Glacier we heard all about?

Some good times were had, laughs were shared, and I now have a couple more ski buddies who can rip up the mountain both ways. Looking forward to meeting up over reading week!

Sickbird award of the day goes to Bill for his straightline to yardsale all caught on the GoPro. Thanks to MT for once again assuming the role of ski retriever. Didn't see Bill's second run but apparently it was gnarly.

Rolled out early to get back to Edmonchuck because I had some midterms to study for, and a report to finish up. Welcome back to reality...

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