Friday, January 13, 2017

New Kastle TX 65 ?

TX65 pictured from the podium of the "sandbagger category" at the Mountain Attack Race in January 2017 in Saalbach, Austria.
I've enjoyed skiing Kastle skis ever since I had a junior pair with Batman on the topsheets. Craig and I are big fans of our "team ski" the Kastle TX 97, a ski that comes in around 1700g in the 187cm length. It's stiff enough underfoot, has a proper 24.5m radius and has big, softer tips that reward you with stability and float when you take a more forward stance while skiing. Although they are a little heavier than I would like for skimo training (may I should have got the TX 87 instead?) and sometimes they struggle in slabby snow compared to something with more tip taper like a Dynafit Cho Oyu, but I feel privileged to ski such excellent quality skis!

I caught wind that Kastle would be coming out with a skimo race ski while listening to an episode of Cripple Creek Backcountry's Totally Deep Podcast with Chris Davenport. Ski performance is not always a first thought when thinking of ski mountaineering race ski, but there are obviously some that ski better than others (it would be nice to be able to compare a bunch of them. Given Kastle's ability to make high quality skis, I've got high expectations for the Kastle TX 65!

nananananananananananana Batman!

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