Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fernie Lizard Skinner

Isothermal snow in January? Just another day in Fernie! Once again, conditions were spiced up with a rain crust before the 2nd annual Fernie Lizard Skinner. Things weren't as spicy as last year and the steep groomed climbs offered a little more traction, and skiing down the Diamondback run was not as miserable, except for some grabby alders. The course was even more of a groomer drag race this year with a short skintrack in the trees near the top of the 1st and 2nd climbs was removed with the course instead sticking to the groomed run. I don't mind the lap format.

I felt great. I took the lead going pretty hard, but not "chasing Eric and Nick and then paying for it on the last climb" hard. It was a similar tactic as last year, but this year it worked as I was able to ski to victory. For those of you reading since the very beginning, this is my first "Canada Cup" victory as my only other victories have come at smaller night races (Vert 180, Tiki Torch Dash) and a race in the States (Whitefish Whiteout). Things are starting to come together in time for world championships next month.

Like at the Castle Cat road, I looked back at my GPS file for a comparison

YearElapsed TimeElevation Gain (Garmin)Ascent Rate (m/hr)

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