Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Whitefish Whiteout

Brimming with confidence and coming off of a chill week after the Castle Mountain Skimo, I was pumped to tackle the Whitefish Whiteout. I’ve never really put together a good race in Whitefish, so with my new found speed, I was looking to put an end to that streak.

After a great sleep at the Duck Inn, I hit the start line with just a couple short warmup laps. But off the gun, the legs were ready to go and I took off with my usual fast start. Typically, I am reeled in shortly after and I settle in for a battle. But nobody came. I measured my progress with frequent glances behind. Were they letting me fry out here on my own? I put my head down as to not encourage my chasers further and hit the summit in 27minutes after opening up at the very top.

After regrouped with Travis, Ben, and Mike, we skied the rest of the course together, enjoying the fresh snow on the descents. I managed to slizzer my way out of most of the trailbreaking duties on the bootpacks. On the final two climbs, Travis and Ben suffered from skin failures, and it was just me and Mike on the final cattrack drag race to the end. I attacked early on and held on to take the win!

New course was fun and included some skiing beyond the boundaries of the resort. The skiing was awesome and I came home with some great prizes from the sponsors and the resort.

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