Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fernie Lizard Skinner

The target on my back was even bigger coming into this race. Warm temperatures and precipitation left icy and crusty conditions on the lower half of the mountain. The groomer skiing was icy and any lower mountain ungroomed skiing was sure to be challenging.

My typical race start is impulsive. The holeshot is there for the taking. This time, I relaxed and slipped into the 2nd row...before attacking on the inside of the first corner! My gap was formed and with some great kicking and gliding I maintained my lead through the flats and the slippery steeps of the first climb. Skinning technique was important as the slopes got steeper!

Travis and Ben caught be on the descent and the battle was on! Travis got away on the 2nd descent and put in a gap I could not close on the 3rd climb. The final descent was below the rain line and the skiing was icy and crusty. I was happy to get to the groomed trail at the bottom after getting rattled around. He put even more time into me and I came across the line in 2nd.

The Guide's Hut put on a good race and were open to feeback on the course. Hopefully the resort gives the sport and the organizer the respect we deserve and let us race to the top! The whole resort under the shadow of a large corniced headwall presenting challenges for avalanche control.

I am happy with how the first part of the season is gone, I feel like the fitness is there, and I can focus on working on my descending.

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