Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Dogtooth and buildup pictures

Small is the new big. Mini golf lines are great for getting the full couloir experience with less risk. 

This mountain goat was setting a pretty bold uptrack. It had scrambled on top of some cliffs and was seen charging up an avalanche path above a cliff. Bold.

"There is no ice or rock in the guidebook picture"

"The col is often windswept"

A fast ascent in some tricky snow conditions.

 And some more Dogtooth Dash pictures from Martin's roommate Pierre

Sizing up the competition

The start. Brad had a pretty impressive gap by the end of the short run.

The Chinese downhill after the start.

Suffering hard, being heckled by the organizer, Ian Gale.

Finishing. About to remove the mask of pain that has covered my face for the previous 2hrs.

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