Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back in the routine

Legs are still a little "damp" after a week of hard racing in Europe, but fortunately I have a massage tomorrow.

What have I been up to other than racing (and XC skiing and the Canmore Nordic Centre) since I was at Rogers Pass in January?

Running out of ideas, I revisited an area that I have not been to in 3 years. We had such a good day, we returned a couple of weeks later

It had been a great powder day at Norquay since I had last been out ski touring. A good day out with Ryan  set me up well for a nice hard couple of days the week before heading to Europe.

I always have great days in this area. I came back 2 days later for a 2700m day.

A little further north, ,and another big day on a nice slope.

Finding some good powder even after the weekend crowds had done their thing.

Okay, back from Europe. The legs took a little bit of time to get into it each day.
A fun powder day on the little skis with a couple of skimo ladies. ,

Craig and Bill had been having a good time while I was still in Europe. We went for a good character builder  doing some exploration.

A nice day to get into a cool line

Self portrait

My secret weather forecast predicted high winds, precipitation, and low visibility, but I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to go touring with Steve S and Mark Smiley. We had to pull off the objective when we encountered the forecasted weather...

...and move on to something else. Steve and I weren't feeling too comfortable with a  bit of slab over facets, so we bailed on that too.

Back to my favourite zone with some fun new ski partners. I love looking around at the scenery and thinking of future ski objectives in the area.
So yeah, hopefully the massage helps me out so I can get ready for...

The Dogtooth Dash!

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