Monday, August 27, 2012

Heck Yeah and Muck Yeah

I have been looking forward to these races for some time, the long climbs suit me and even if I do lose some time on the long descents, at least I am having fun!

Heck Yeah, the XC provincials was set on a slightly different course than last year and I was a huge fan of the changes. The removal of a climb shortened the laps up, bringing my finishing time to about 2:15, and although the long descent from previous years was fun, it was getting rougher, and I can't complain about 3 laps down High Froehler and then that awesome, loamy collector!

I had a great race: I was feeling awesome, and I took 4th place on the very last kick up to the finish and maybe only a minute off of 3rd. Riding in Canmore has really helped both my fitness and my technical skills and I think I have improved from last year.

Camping was fun, especially because I got the best sleep out of anyone because I was in a hammock.

Muck Yeah saw some changes as well. Lap 1 was the same as last year, difficult only because the rising sun made it hard to see the trail! Lap 2 was the same as the lap from the race the previous day, AWESOME. Lap 3 had a tough climb after the course split off from the Lap 2 course, but led to a fun descent that eventually connected to the main descent from provincials in previous years.

Although a hard effort the previous day took a lot out of my legs, I settled in with a slower start and was feeling good...until the last lap when I just ran out of gas. It was quite a hard bonk! I think I finished 5th.

The map to the goods. L2/L4 and L3/L5 are ALL TIME loops. The singletrack  (dotted line, ride left to right) above "Important Intersection" is the provincials course from previous years and is also pretty good.
What a wonderful weekend of racing. The courses blew my mind, I think I almost started to cry while pumping through the loam as it is very rare to ride a trail so beautiful and fun. Lots of good draw prizes, but the post race food was a little lacking. I feel sorry for you if you missed this one!

After, I checked out the Hinton Bike park. Hinton is going to have some talented freeriders in the future!

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