Monday, August 6, 2012

Dark Horse Enduro

Legs were pretty cooked after a tough weekend, but I still managed to have some fun rides at the Nordic Centre with some good time spent riding behind Bill.

I was leading the Kicking Horse Cup series, so I definitely had to head to Golden again to try to defend my series lead in the Dark Horse Enduro. Plus, we had so much fun riding Mt. 7.

The Dark Horse enduro was 3 hr lap race on a short 5km, 250m gain/lap loop. A long road climb led into a single fast descent. In the warmup lap, I was definitely worried about eating shit HARD, but on my first lap, I was able to pin it hard and built my confidence.

No real big names, but definitely some local rippers, so I sent the first lap pretty hard to get the prime, then settled in nicely into an even pace. The road climb suited me, but there were some riders on the same lap as me, so I had to keep the gas on to take the win.

Overall, a well run and chill race. Having short laps and Brett Tippie and live music in the plaza area kept me pumped each time I lapped through. Breakfast and a well stocked prize table were great cappers!

The next day, we did a couple of laps up to the 5km on Mt. 7. I love that trail!

Next up is the Kootenay Krusher and the Hinton races. In the coming weeks, I'm pretty excited to ride some awesome local trails that I just haven't had the chance to ride this year, while dreaming about the trails I can ride on road trips.

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