Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleeper weekend

With snow, wind, and rising temperatures forecasted during the week leading up to and including the weekend, the avalanche bulletin was not looking very promising. I certainly wasn't expecting to do anything other than get some training done. Craig was keen and I had some stuff to do in Canmore to prep my skis for the Ken Jones Classic, so hey, why not?

Got in a nice long climb to a ridgetop on Saturday. It was quite warm, and the snow was quite dense. It was fun challenging ourselves to reduce our exposure to a minimum even in the trees.
Flat meadows

Low angle alpine terrain

Beezy cake in the forest

Playing on the bank

Sunday, I was asked to show some friends an area that I have been to often this year. I wasn't really expecting the stability to give us much freedom. Based on our pit results, we did multiple laps, slowly working up into steeper runs. Craig and Graeme were also moving quick and we got in 3 laps before the next group got in 1. 3 first tracks and 3rd tracks on another chute in blower snow in a popular area. Unreal!

Pow trails

Selling the turn

Oh, and stay tuned, there will be some video...

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