Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inner city radness

While Edmonton probably has some of the best mountain biking within the city limits for a city with over 1million people, it isn't exactly known as a mecca of skiing...or ice climbing. Inspired by some shenanigans last winter, I had wondered if that annoying water seepage on that trail below Saskatchewan drive could be ice climbed. Oh yeah, I have never ice climbed before

Craig had some ice tools (also check out that link for awesome route desciptions), and with the spring melt-freeze going on in Edmonton, conditions were PHAT (is that how the ice climbers say it?)

I had given up on riding that trail this winter as it usually involves significant walking sections over slippery ice so I had no idea what the ice would be like. I was pleasantly surprised:
Pulling the crux

"Bush League"

"Knight's Delight"

Sun's out, gun's out

Have you got your tickets to the gun show?

Not many people can say that they free soloed everything and even bagged some first ascents on their first time ice climbing. The ice was perfect with temperatures just above freezing. My only case of the screaming barfies was eating stale free pizza at the university after.

In other news, I have submitted my video "The Backcountry Alpha" in this contest. Look forward to hearing from the Hiker Alpha, the Biker Alpha, and maybe even the Climber Alpha during the summer!

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