Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trainer gaming

Finally acquired Little Big Planet 2, and playing it while riding the trainer makes time FLY by. That game is quite the experience and it really puts me into a trance!

Coming off a solid weekend skiing Try5t L@ke both days, the first with Steve Sellers on the skinny race skis. Skiing pow and tight chutes in flimsy boots and short, skinny skis is quite the experience. Lots of skiing in the backseat, and lots of faceshots. Somehow, I stomped a small pillow line on the way out. I returned the next day, this time on the “weight training” setup and ticked off some more chutes. I skied the area closest to the Fist, and even though there were already a couple of tracks down it, she still sluffed. For my final lap, I skied a narrow rock chasm line. After a couple of jump turns, I straightlined the exit, but hip checked into the deep snow. Poor form! Gotta work on those…

Dogtooth Dash is coming up. I am stoked, as this was the race that planted the seed last year. Bill is coming up to race as well! Will Dogtooth Dash use Leech Seed on Bill, so that he will do more races?

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