Monday, January 3, 2011

Breaking it down

Another year, another winter break...

I finished up my exams pretty early and headed down to Canmore, picking up Bill at the Calgary airport (along with playing in the Spaceport!). It was nice to see Bill again, as he has been at school in Kelowna. Nice to catch up and hear some of his stories, and how he is doing at school.

The Cole's Notes:
-Kicking Horse with the fam to start off with: Had a nice rip with Ian Gale, a patroller at KHMR and a fast skimo racer, on the surprisingly versatile race setup. Skied some of the chutes with Bill while my mom skied the bowl.
-Burstall Pass with Bill, discovering that the race setup is not the best for skiing pow (faceplant to yardsale haha)

-Some XC skiing at the CNC and in the Edmonton River Valley. Skiing tracksets is a lot of fun!
-"Weight" training touring setup = Alpine trekkers + Explosivs + demo bindings
-Emerald Peak with Bill. A fun tour that we did for the first time. Snow was a little thin near the bottom making trailbreaking over an old track difficult, but the snow became more supportive up higher. The largest vertical that I have climbed for a single descent!
-Back to Kicking Horse with Steve and Bill in time for a storm. We discovered a new area of the mountain that we had never skied before, and we enjoyed refills on the second day

-Deathmarching the Chickadee Valley

-Skiing Fortress. We were fortunate to get a ride up the gated road. Though we only skied the frontside, there is some awesome looking terrain on the backside.

-Another Burstall pass mission, and some skiing on Observation Peak, searching and finding the goods.

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