Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 sked

Here are all of the events that I plan on doing this year for sure (EDIT: I am going to update the results as they happen):

Tiki Torch Dash, January 15 - 1st in Solo short course circuit race, 2nd in vertical @~99%
Sunshine 5000, February 5 - 9th @ ~80%
Roam Randonee Rally, February 26 - 2nd @ ~94%
Dogtooth Dash, March 26-27 - 6th @ ~83%
Lake Louise Race, April 2 - 3rd @ ~89%
Esplanade Epic, April 16-17 CANCELLED :(

Then a pretty awesome ABA calendar!

Hardcore/Redbike XC, May 22-23 - 3rd in dirt crit, 5th in XC
Giver-8-er, May 29 - 22nd, but good training!
Kananaskiker, June 4-5 - 9th @87%, 8th, 8th (XC, XC TT, HC TT)
Iron Lung XC, June 11 - 11th @ 84%

then a nice break...

Nationals XC, July 16 - @ 1 lap (STANS is your friend)
Edmonton Canada Cup, July 24 - 31st @83%

then a nice break...

Perogy XC, August 21 - 4th @91%
Hinton XC, August 27 - 6th @87%
Hinton Marathon, August 28 - 8th @86%, 16th in timed downhills @88%

BOW 80, September 18 - 20th @84% (5th @85% in 20-30 cat)

And then some cyclocross! I'll try to do as many races as possible, but I may skip some single race Calgary weekends to focus on school.

I think I would try to relay the first couple of marathons, see how the legs react after going hard in the XC the day before. I think the marathons should help my XC as well.

No road races in there. I might throw in Canada day crit, Bowness Hill Climb/RR, Bicisport RR, and maybe the Lethbridge RR/XC; probably not though...

During the long breaks it is important to keep training, but also to do some exploring on the bikes. Maybe there are some fun out of province races. It is nice not racing until Victoria Day weekend, it means I can go skiing into May!

Baseline goal is to improve from last year. The "season maker" would definitely be throwing down some sick skimo results, and then not getting 'chicked' at Nationals or the Canada cup (or skimo for that matter)!

Let's hope to stay healthy!

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