Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suffer Solstace

Down to Bragg Creek this week for another Alberta Cup VTT race. I must have been living under a rock because I did not know that it had been monsooning in southern Alberta the whole week. The course was pretty much a river, but fortunately the mud was not very cohesive. Flatted during the preride as I did not have enough Stan`s in my tire (Stan`s WILL be the solution to the BP leak). Didn't get to see the Banff crit as Bill didn't want to go. Bill is a closet suffer enthusiast, he just doesn't want anyone to know about his forbidden love!

Not a huge field, but enough "pack fill" elites (ha I will make some good pack fill when I upgrade). The legs weren't feeling very good at the beginning of the 1st lap (longer/harder warmup req'd.), but I got into the groove quickly. Felix was off the front, and there was another Bow rider within arms' reach. But I am not a great descender, so I lost huge chunks of time on the descent. Rolled in 3rd place with some "competitive" lap times so I am happy. It is no secret that I love the courses with lots of climbing as I find that I can push myself harder.

Lots of draw prizes, and good awards thanks to the organizers; Deadgoat! Nice work Mike, Steve, and Andre on the Hardcore elite sweep!

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