Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iron Lung

(diagonal number plates are the new black)

The weather finally broke, and we headed down to Canmore for another stop on the Alberta Cup. Arriving with little daylight to spare, we set out to pre-ride the brand new race course which was automatically awesome by virtue of being a Canmore nordic centre race course (okay, I agree, you could probably still make a very lame course at the CNC). I knew that the ride would be short, so I hammered hard (probably a little too hard) to loosen up the legs.

After eating an entire 500g package to tortellini, I hit the hay. The next day, we all enjoyed the main benefit that comes with being in the higher categories: later starts. It was hot, so I kept the warmup short. I was incredibly nervous for the start: 50 racers in expert, some Olympians in other sports, I was expecting to do well, but I just had no idea what to think.

I had a really good start, but my descending was weak sauce, so I would get caught, or have to hammer after every descent. I kept the pace hard for the rest of the race with my jaw dropping when I saw that the 2 leaders had already finished before I had even started the lower part of the course on my last lap! I was 6th, but I gave it everything I had and threw down some blistering lap times (calculated with my trusty excel spreadsheet), and that was all I really wanted...

Another relaxing evening in the mountains, then back to the CNC in the morning to go watch some sick twisted individuals (or relay teams) ride for 5hrs, then I sampled some more sweet CNC singletrack!

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