Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Cause it's 1-8-7 stomach?

Excellent race today for me at the Perogy race in Terwillegar Park. A new course this year, and there was much discussion about the removal of the Fireman's descent that was the main feature of the course from previous years. The new course was fast with a couple of short, punchy climbs.

I biked there with plenty of time to chillax in the shade.

I had a start position on the front row, or at least I thought that I did, until everyone scrambled to the line after the Elites started. Off the start, I proceeded to ride by everyone, except for two leaders (winner Mack Carson...on a cross bike. Nice ride!) who were riding away. At the end lap 1, I was sitting good, closing in on one of the leaders, and had a gap on the chasers behind me.

...WHEN SUDDENDLY, going through the feed zone, I could not see anyone holding my bottle of blue Gatorade!

Oh shit, I thought I had someone feeding for I don't want someone else's water; I need my 'rade in this heat!...hey this looks like my bottle bag...same bag, but it's not mine...okay, someone is offering me someone else's 'rade...let's go!. And after stopping and getting off my bike, I got passed by all the chasers....

So lap 2 was similar to lap 1, where I had to work my way up through the other riders. I was angry, and I took my anger out on my pedals. I moved into 2nd after one of the leaders had a mechanical, and held on through the finish, with a couple of riders making some threatening late surges. Ended up with some sick swag from River Valley Cycle.

My stomach was hurting all race, it was like there was a Holy War being fought in there, or my stomach was getting murdered (hence the 187). Didn't seem to affect my legs too much; the legs were feeling good! 187 also happened to be the number I seemed to see the most today when looking down at my heart rate monitor.

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