Friday, March 5, 2010

Same shit, different pile

The two of you who read my blog may have noticed that I now occupy a corner of cyberspace that is titled under a less (insert politically correct insult here) name.

So what's up?

Well just last week, I learned the hard way that it is probably time to stop mountain biking in the river valley and time to start road biking in the country. Red Bull Crashed Ice on a bike didn't go so well...

First off, racing season gets an early start this year with what are supposed to be a fun spring racing series. Looking forward to testing out the legs

Looking forward to new snow in the mountains, but not looking forward to the effects of increased loading on the buried surface hoar, or new snow on suncrust.

Easter weekend should be a good one. Hopefully get some good snow and good stability, as there are a couple of nice tours I am looking forward to doing.

As well, I have convinced myself to compete in the Dogtooth Dash at KHMR on April 3. Yes I am that sick and twisted that I enjoy hurting myself. I have always wanted to do the Sunshine Rando race in early February, but I always seem to have a metric tonne of schoolwork to do that weekend. My friends make fun of me for climbing too fast and making them hurt, so this should be fun. I want to see how fast I can go, which will be important for the future when first tracks in waist deep blower are on the line.
More info here

Rando racer's are the most hardcore weight weenies you will ever see. They put roadies to shame. They are known for drilling out the cuffs of their already lightweight boots (Swiss cheese), grinding off the stock lugged soles and replacing those with lighter lugged soles, custom machined binding heelpieces, Nordic ski poles, super lightweight skis, and all the latest lightweight goodies. As well, they have many other modifications for making transitions from climbing to skiing faster, and downhill race suits. Me? I'll just be rocking my everyday ski touring setup which was also at one time, my everyday skiing setup, and probably some of my cycling clothing. Yes a bit of a weight penalty for me, but that just means that I have to giv'er on both the uphill and the downhill, and bring some of my racing instincts to the table! It's really big in Europe (like all good sports) and someday this will be an Olympic sport, unless there is uncontrollable Global Warming.

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