Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you ready?

Well this whole rando-racing gig seems to be coming together! I have acquired a semi-legit racing setup from my friends:

-Dynafit setup from SRT
-Downhill suit from MT (if it fits haha)
-and of course, pre-race "coach style leg rubdown" thanks to SRT

Euro motivational playlist is in the making

and I have been searching around the house to piece together the lightest and fastest combination of mandatory race gear. Now just a matter of working on the legs and the transitions.
So stoked!

Sunday, with high avalanche danger in the alpine and wanting to do some backcountry skiing, we headed to an area below treeline that did not get as much snow, is on a more stable aspect, and has some trees for support. We were the first ones there since the last 15cm snowfall. Skiing (or sliding after toppling over on the way up) was fast on a buried suncrust that we did occasionally punch through (causing an ejection, as well as some minor instability).

More pictures to come!

When avalanche conditions are dangerous, it is still possible to ski powder safely...

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