Wednesday, November 9, 2016

political correctness is not ruining this country or the one below us

I'll admit, it took me a while to understand the concept of political correctness and privilege (as a white male who had my schooling paid for I find this word stings just a little, poor little me), but it finally clicked right after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. At the time, I thought of myself as being quite a skilled Facebook troll (a term that is abused far too frequently to mean "someone who holds a different opinion from mine") but like a once great composer, I have been unable to top my greatest work. So I thought, why bother? I stopped giving a shit. Why say stuff that doesn't need to be said and doesn't contribute to anything constructively? We can find new jokes, we can find new halloween costumes, we can find new names for sports teams. Kicking someone when they are down is such a cowardly act.

I view the Muslim world as a society that was once the leading civilisation at the time: they gave us our number system; but for whatever reason, they are on the decline. We bombed the shit out of them, invaded them, exploited them and the media tells us that we've left behind countries in ruins. Refugees, immigrants who have managed to escape are shat on by a bunch of blowhards who fear that their grasp on this country is slipping away. Who cares if they don't learn to speak our language or eat our food? That is their choice. Anyone with even the slightest education in economics should know better. Our entire economic system (capitalism) depends on growth, it is hard to do that with a constant or declining population.

Runners World recently published the article "Running While Female" describing the harassment the majority of women receive when they are out getting exercise. The stories were absolutely disgusting, the statistics astonishing, and I'm ashamed to share the same gender of the harassers. Men are left wondering where the fine line between what is taken as a complement and what is creepy believing that our right to free speech supersedes their right to not be harassed! Just shut up and let these women run.

Outrage over accommodating LGBTQ people. It takes strength to come out, overhauling their identity takes courage and is not taken lightly or willy nilly. It doesn't take common sense to figure out that nobody would go through the hell that LGBTQ people go through in this society just to use a different washroom or wear a dress. It's the same with mental health. How is it not obvious that everyone is wired a little differently and relatively minor sacrifices have to be made to accommodate everyone?

The eroding of "Christian values" is alarming for some, but it is simply the culmination of the realisation that other people exist and their ideas might differ from a doctrine that has had a stronghold on this society. So what if we are giving up meaningless social interactions so that a group of people will not feel offended for once? Who cares if I occasionally have to watch my choice of words? happy fricken holidays.

How about the real issues affecting this country (and the one below us)? In a race to the bottom, we've outsourced many manufacturing jobs out of this country. We're still relying on an energy source that has a limited supply, pollutes the air we breathe and the water we drink, and is heating up our planet with no plan for the future.

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