Monday, August 22, 2016

Sagan: from the bottom to the front in less than half a lap

As we go into another midweek cyclocross season, I can't help but feel inspired by Peter Sagan's ride at the Olympics. He started in position 50 (7th row) and within half a lap, was up to the front. A couple of flat tires would ultimately derail his chances at a high finish. I'm sure he provided a good scare to his competitors who had mostly written him off as not being up to the demands of XCO and having a terrible start position. I'm sure he had to pull some sketchy passes to make it happen, but you can't help but respect someone who can ride through a field of that caliber.

Now on the subject of Wednesday nighters. If I can start on the front row, I'll see how long I can hang at the front. If I have to start further back, I'll see how many punters I ride through.

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