Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Post race analysis with Strava Flybys

Strava Flybys can be a useful tool when not being a creepy intrusion on your privacy. For those unfamiliar, Flybys are a new feature in Strava that lets you view the activities of the people who pass by you when you are out training and also compare positions over time.

In the context of racing, you can relive the crushing blows of defeat:
-What happened at the crucial point in the race where someone got away. How much of a gap did they get.
-Quantify who is a faster climber vs. descender.
-Who is closing the most on the final lap/final climb.
-Appreciation of the speed of the top guns.
-Should you risk it to try and catch the group ahead, or play it safe and try to stay away from the chasers behind.

Ken Jones Classic racers in the latter portion of the race.

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