Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top 5 Bike Race Draw/Placing Prizes

One of the best reasons to stick around to the end of the elite races is for the draw prizes. Sometimes they give away a tube or a sleeve of electrolyte powder, sometimes they give away a bike.


who has size 9 feet? I do.

Hydration packs:

I don't ride with a hydration pack enough to justify spending a bunch of money on one, fortunately, I have won a couple to serve that purpose.

Duffel Bags:

One year I won the Martha Creek Meltdown in Revelstoke and I won a sweet North Face base camp duffel bag. The next year I finished 2nd, and got a slightly smaller North Face base camp duffel bag. These things often accompany me on my road trips.


Prizes normally consist of product that the sponsoring bike shop has trouble selling. I've won a couple pairs of cheap $20 sunglasses, but also a couple of gems. One pair with some slick photochromatic lenses, another with some interchangeable polarized lenses. One pair I got for chugging a freezie.


Only one draw prize comes with me on every bike ride (okay, I lost a Lezyne multitool that I once won). It's a Crank Brothers mini pump. Defying Crank Brothers' notorious quality issues, this thing has been kicking since 2007.

Honorable Mention: Shirts that fit.

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