Monday, November 3, 2014

Joffre in a Day

Saturday, April 24, Travis and I day tripped Mt. Joffre. It was my second attempt at pulling that off after bailing high on the face with concerns about stability due to wind affect.

The long weekend started off with a snowy good Friday where we skied powder and got chased by wet slides.

With the recent snow, I wasn't too keen on the Wapta traverse, but Travis was ready for something big, so he suggested trying Mt. Joffre.

dry up high, wet down low

Tire change crossfit

Early morning skate across Upper Kananaskis lake

Nearing Aster Lake after ~2.5hrs

Approaching the face after having passed 2 parties who were camped at the lake

Summit! my first 11,000er

The lake is still (kinda) frozen! Just under 11hrs car to car

Not as great weather on Hector

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