Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Some stoke to go along with it. Work and a training plan have added some structure to my life. I'm feeling less motivated to entertain you with my usual rantings and in depth post race analysis so this space might get downgraded to photoblog/media sharing status for the next while.

TCT/bow corridor. fun trail I need to ride more

found under a bridge in edmonton. Stay classy

Fun night ride on the Breathless trail

CX is serious business with people warming up and cooling down on trainers

...even when they have a fun flow trail that is begging to be ridden on CX bikes

Probably my best ever riding on the slabs

...came after struggling in the snow. Bill slayed it like a champ though!

Beautiful greens have turned into highlights.

Early morning bike commutes. having the time to laugh at things: overflowing Timmies drive throughs, angry drivers, funny store names. I'm enjoying entertainment more than staring at someone's taillights. 
showing casual friday who's boss!

fluffiest samoyed!

some nice trailbuilding in Edmonton!

mountain CX

yes, my brother is a gaper.

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