Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Revelstoke Rip

After the race, I met up with Bill in Revelstoke to finish off the long weekend properly. A quick evening rip of Keystone-Standard Basin trail was first up.

Strictly business until the lake.

The previous users left the door open, which is great for letting in rodents. We SHUT THE FRONT DOOR

Awesome light on the way back, trail was tacking up as well.

Finishing up our sub 2.5hr Keystone rip!
Fox Float ladies model
The next day, we planned a big ride, but nothing we hadn't done before. In fact, we did this same ride last year!

We started off with a quick Frisby Ridge rip. The trail is extremely popular, I would recommend riding it on a weekday or in the evening. Not on a long weekend morning.

We put in a solid effort, but because I had to wait for Bill ( :P) I just missed out on going sub 2hrs. This time, I let Bill enjoy the Ultimate Frisby descent while I drove the vehicle down.

After fueling up and having a good chat with fellow skimo racer Jeff in town, we headed up for round two. A climb up Mt. Sale. The goings seemed easier than last year, even though last year, we didn't ride Frisby until afterwards. We ended up climbing faster than last year as well. At the top, I barely had enough time to snap some pictures before Bill rolled up even though we didn't take nearly as many breaks!

impressive views

The hum of the microwave tower is a welcome sound at the end of a 1500m climb.

Recent rains made the descent slick. I enjoyed the very top of the trail a lot, but further down, the trail was slick and had been beaten to death by a long summer of getting ridden HARD. The secret is out! The middle wasn't super enjoyable, the hilarious part was that they rerouted a section where I almost ate shit hard last year. The bottom was very fun. But overall, I think this classic descent is becoming the domain of bigger bikes. 

So we ripped some fantastic trails this weekend. But I think next time we are in Revelstoke, we should give Cartier or Joss mountains a go and ride more of the MacPherson trails. Bill and I certainly proved that we have the chops to get those done.

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